Oh when ze government gets involved in private industry…ALL WILL BE WELL! –and if you believe that, you should buy a chevy volt. Check this out:

A few days ago General Motors revealed Chevrolet Volt’s official pricing which is $33,500, except it isn’t! If you don’t consider federal incentives, the Volt has an MSRP of $41,000. Fine, but if you were thinking of getting one at that price, we’re sorry to report that’d be impossible! Apparently Chevrolet dealers charge customers $20,000 more than the official MSRP, blaming it on high demand. -from motorward.com.

Uh…that means after incentives it’ll cost 54k. Hmmm. the prius..which seats 6 (volt seats 4) sells for 30k and msrp’s for 26k. Of course said Prius isn’t Government Motors, so, yeah.

Ayn Rand be rollin’ in her grave…whether from laughter or tears…well rollin’ anyway. :-/

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