The movie I’m waiting for is almost here

So with all the Ultron stuff, and all the Star Wars stuff…THIS is what I’m the most excited to watch.

Yes I’m jazzed. This is the final trailer before the film’s release, and I am a nerdy geeked out 19 year old again over after watching this several times.  If this flick is 1/10th as good as these trailers have been, I will be happy.

Watch this full screen with the sound cranked.  I’m off to watch it again. 😀

In the blink of the eye

Christina in red 1913I was looking at some pictures on the ol’ interwebs between rides tonight, and this one struck me hard. If you had no frame of reference, this picture could have been shot yesterday, right?

Well, nope. These were taken in 1913…ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO. Christina in red-2

We exist in the merest blink of an eye, here and then gone.

Revel in your time, for it is short. To not live one’s life to the fullest is about the dumbest, saddest thing a person can possible do to themselves.

There are more shots of this beautiful young woman here:


Writerly snark

Once in a while I take a break from “forehead bleeding” (which means writing) and there are times when my social feeds pop up with writers who shout how many zillions of words they just wrote…or that they’ve finished their fortynintyeth book this week, and I’m all like:

sarcastic House

Eyes r’ a burnin’

eye strainI can think of very little that is worse than waking up and feeling tired. I didn’t even oversleep.

Trying to write in this condition is beyond annoying. I’m staring at the screen and my brain keeps yelling, “but…but…nap!”


More coffee. Perhaps with an IV.