Last Bits 24

Your's Truly!

Your’s Truly on ORBIT COMPLETE! day.  🙂

1. Another orbit of the sun in the books. Time flies..sometimes. I’ll explain shortly. As it is, the birthday was a good one as far as things go in my lil’ world. I’m NOT a big “BIRTHDAY” person. To me, every day that I get up and am still breathing and able to do what I want to do is a win. So for me each day is kind of a birthday as 365 days ago, I was one year younger.  🙂

2. I’ve noticed over the last few years as I have taken control of my life that time does NOT fly. It flew when I was in the “9-5 GOTTA RUSH RUSH RUSH DO THE JOB HURRY ABOUT SWEAT EVERYTHING” mode that most people are in. Those years flashed by like a shot out of a cannon.

Oh to know then what I know now.

Once I decided to work for ME, and pursue the goals that interest ME instead of the inane bullshit that we are supposed to take as “normal”, time started to slow down. Not in a bad way, rather I actually feel like I’ve accomplished things and made a mark. Each day, while similar, is a joy to be in, rather than a drudge, and I no longer have issues with just getting up to start my day. (Coffee, of course, heh.)

Time flows, but it doesn’t feel as ephemeral any longer.


IMG_20150616_040219763_HDR3. The writing is moving along. Chapters are getting done, and the story is unfolding. A couple of times in the last few weeks I’ve even “fallen through the page” while pounding the keys. Writers know what this is, but for you that read my meanderings here that aren’t writers, lemme ‘splain….no…it’s too long….lemme sum-up. (heh.)

Writing, like anything else, takes work. It takes discipline, and it takes mental blood, sweat and tears at times. The term “cat-vacuuming” probably became a term because some writer thought it up for all of the excuses to NOT WRITE that seemed plausible at the time.

BUT, sometimes it isn’t work. Some may disagree with this, but I’ll just laugh and move on…sometimes the writer isn’t pounding the keys. Sometimes the writer is witnessing events and hearing people speak. Sometimes the writer has “fallen through the page” into that alternate universe where the story is taking place, and is transcribing things as fast as the keys or pen will allow.

This is the crack-cocaine of the craft. It hooks the writer to do this crazy solitary struggle…usually for the rest of his/her life. I got my first brain full of this drug when I was eleven.  😀

4. Now back to it!

Last Bits 23

Mad Max: Fury Road - Race to the storm

Mad Max: Fury Road – Race to the storm

1. Awesome picture from a film I still can’t get out of my head.

2. Friday night slammed. Excellent driving night, and wild/n/wacky customers. Actually had more jobs than I could get to.

3. Writing is moving along. Working on an epic scene that needs to be described properly. While 1st draft isn’t the time for polish, there are some bits than need to be taken care of the right way the first time.  I’m happy with the progress.

4. I’m wiped out tired, so this is definitely “last bits” for this evening.

Last Bits 22

IMG_20150510_114023239_HDR1. I’m going to try and make the drink in the picture. It is known as the “painkiller” at a certain beach bar I was recently at. I know the ingredient list, just not what proportions. Should be fun.

2. Memorial day weekend is in the books.  Very good driving and customers all weekend right up until the end of this evening. If I can’t be in the Caribbean, well, at least I can be in rainy-ass Denver writing and driving people around. 😀

3. Writing is proceeding slowly, but at this point, I’m happy with the progress. I didn’t have writer’s block, but a week off of “everything” in the Virgin Islands slowed things a bit. I needed the break from my routine, and that included the daily keyboard pounding. Now I’m working through some scenes that require a bit of thought in order to “paint” them properly.  So yeah. #amwriting! 😀

4. Also in the authorly endeavors, I’m thinking about putting up the first ten chapters of the first book here on the blog, but I don’t want it to look like crap. Will futz around with that this week I’m thinking.

5. People who tailgate are douchenozzles of epic proportion. That is all.

6. Rain sucks. A little now and again is nice, but this isn’t supposed to be Seattle ffs. Weather forecasts in Denver are FINALLY starting to talk about more sun than clouds. It is really odd to have 50’s for the high temperature here this time of year, and I’m frankly sick of it. 70-80 is what should be happening. Come on global warming! -snicker.

Last Bits 21

ex machina mad max: fury road

1. My pick for the best two movies this year. Ex Machina is hypnotic and thought provoking. Mad Max is an insane thrill ride with an outstanding story gluing the mayhem together. I saw Age of Ultron after watching Mad Max: Fury Road and it looked and felt flat, like an opened day old can of coke.

1b. Personally I’d put Mad Max: Fury Road in the top movies this decade. It flat out melted my face off. 😀

2. Getting back in the swing of things driving-wise. I have some awesome customers, and their loyalty and patronage makes me smile.

3. I’m finally getting over the post-vacation let down. I will go back there. One of the best times of my life.

4. Writing has suffered…admittedly…but I’m still plugging away. Getting back in the zone with that as well. I THOUGHT the vacation would allow some good writing time, but I discovered that I needed a REAL vacation from my routine. So I swam with turtles, drank copious amounts of rum, made some great new friends and did a large amount of nothing for a week. I needed that.

5. Later today is car maintenance day. Probably going to end up spending a good chunk of the day at the mechanic’s getting stuff replaced. Normal wear and tear stuff…brakes, cv joints and possibly a new timing belt/water pump…not cheap, but in my line of work, if you don’t take care of such things, you don’t have a line of work. heh.

6. Off to dream of Furiosa. 🙂

Mid Bits

1. All the “stuffs” are done in preparation for my trip to the Virgin Islands. I shall be saying hello to this dude in a coupla’ days.  😀



2. This is the last post in the general section for a week. From here on out, I will be doing a daily journal blog of my trip…with pictures! Hope I don’t bore anyone…but as it IS my journal, I shall fill it with what interests me. heh.

3. Writing has been slack for a couple days now. Getting things ready to roll on this vacation, plus work has been at the top of the list. I’m looking forward to pounding the keys with a tropical backdrop. 🙂

4. Perfect time to leave on this excursion it would seem. For the next full week, it will be “Seattle-ing” in Denver. (Meaning: RAINING pretty much every single day.)

5. Josh Whedon is a minor deity in my opinion. Lunatic feminists trashing him for Avengers: Age of Ultron pretty much boggles the mind. Kinda’ like sharks eating their own.

6. Now back to clock-watching as I have some hours to kill before heading out on my adventure. I hope that all of you reading my little corner of the blogosphere are having a great time!

Last Bits 20

palm-tree1. A picture that doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with riots, cops, or furious Moms. Also now in less than a week, I will be there.

2. Good night driving.

3. Writing has slowed to a freaking crawl the last couple days. Nope, not writer’s block…more #caribbeandreamin on my mind messing with the narrative.

My story is set in a world that has been devastated in its past by a horrible catastrophe, and that setting is 100% at odds with the picture above in this post. Every single time I stare off at the wall (my normal pre-keyboard pounding mode), my head starts drifting to where I’m going, instead of where I should be. A bit annoying, but the key is to persevere and put at least SOME words on the page, and that I have been doing.

I CANNOT wait until Wednesday evening after I’ve settled in. I will be on my veranda overlooking a beautiful tropical scene and I won’t have to daydream…I’ll be able to pound the keys.  Having been in similar circumstances in the past I…”know mah limitations”.  😀

4. It is interesting to me to watch how civilization rationalizes and ignores basic issues and problems when evil raises its ugly head.  If there was some way to make a survivable living where I’m going on vacation, I’d be tempted to never come back to the country that I grew up in. The problem is that many of these issues are world wide and no matter where one lives these days (save for the deep countrysides), you end up with nearly the same types of crap.

Solutions? There are many who claim “if only we did THUS and SO!” or “We just need to change the MINDSET!”. In my opinion I think the only thing that would resolve the rot endemic in our current society would be some sort of reset. An apocalypse of some type that weeds out those who are WISHING for some utopia that cannot exist, and leaves those who understand the REAL WORLD, and who deal with it rationally.  I’m no Don Quixote though. I’ll just nuke some popcorn and continue to watch the train-wreck.

I can wish for Galt’s Gulch though.  Wishful thinking is my stock in trade as it were.  heh.

5. Less than a week to go for my vacation.  Says it all right there, eh?  🙂

The movie I’m waiting for is almost here

So with all the Ultron stuff, and all the Star Wars stuff…THIS is what I’m the most excited to watch.

Yes I’m jazzed. This is the final trailer before the film’s release, and I am a nerdy geeked out 19 year old again over after watching this several times.  If this flick is 1/10th as good as these trailers have been, I will be happy.

Watch this full screen with the sound cranked.  I’m off to watch it again. 😀

In the blink of the eye

Christina in red 1913I was looking at some pictures on the ol’ interwebs between rides tonight, and this one struck me hard. If you had no frame of reference, this picture could have been shot yesterday, right?

Well, nope. These were taken in 1913…ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO. Christina in red-2

We exist in the merest blink of an eye, here and then gone.

Revel in your time, for it is short. To not live one’s life to the fullest is about the dumbest, saddest thing a person can possible do to themselves.

There are more shots of this beautiful young woman here: