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So anyway, I’ve been checking on the information floating about the interwebs(tm) recently regarding “mobile blog” stuff. Seems Google’s changing up how their SEO and such works. (That would be blog-technobabble which means their search ranking and algorithm stuff.)

I was really starting to sweat this a bit, as I spent quite a bit of time getting this site to look just like I wanted it to, dragons and Merchant Princess types and all. But I’m Mr. Calm and Collected(tm) when it comes to all things tech, and I did a little futzing about. (This would translate to: googling about.)

Sure enough WordPress.com already has the mobile set up built in, and my theme is a “responsive” type which means it can resize depending upon platform. The blogger DOES have to turn it on, though. (Which, of course I hadn’t. Doh!)

So I flipped the virtual switch, checked a couple of settings and viola! mobile aware and such is now active.

Anyway, on a tablet, the blog should look like this:Wordpress Mobile-tablet

And on a phone (iphone or android device) it should look like this:

Wordpress Mobile-phone

Now if stuff DOESN’T look something like this when you happen upon my site, I’d appreciate a heads up. Just comment or if you see this via Google+ or Facebook or Twitter, just let me know what you ARE seeing.

I do appreciate you all stopping by now and then in my corner o’ the blog-o-sphere!

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