1. I hate April 1st. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it. Yes it is hah-hah-funny to a whole lotta folks. To me the whole thing is like fingernails on a chalkboard. I tend to stay the hell away from almost all social media on this day. You like it, cool. But it’s over now. 😀

2. Good writing day. Strange writing day. One of those days where I think we creative types are actually tapping into some parallel universe to be no more than scribes writing things down that are going on.

2b. I say that because I’m pounding away, characters are yammering at one another, problems are cropping up…cool scene if I do say so myself…when out of the blue one of the characters does something I wasn’t planning for, outlined or even suspected. She (not the main character) stopped the proceedings and asked another character a question. A question that seemed completely out of left field. So much so that I stopped, yanked my hands away from the keyboard, looked up and asked, “Why the hell did you ask that?”

I figured I’d have to back up and re-write, but I went into the kitchen to get some water, and as clear as a bell, the character replied in my head, “Because I had to. I’m not cardboard you know.” Almost as if she’d actually been in the room.

And I stopped drinking the water and looked at the wall and realized…damn….she would ask that. And then more of the scene started dropping in place, I went back to the keyboard and yep….she needed to ask that.

2c. I love the craft. Sometimes it’s damned spooky, but hey, I’ll take spooky. Beats the hell out of the 1st of April.  Heh.

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