the thinker

1. Bars and Strip clubs are open and have lots of beautiful women ready to empty your wallet.

2. Vineyards in Texas are a thing.

3. Some writers apparently like other people to futz about with their blog posts.

4. Writing groups are some of the flakiest angst ridden places in the social-sphere…outside of political groups.

5. Vaping is EVIL(tm). Vaping is GOOD(tm).
(I lean FAR to the good, but if you are in the state of California-loony-bin-land, you are probably getting deluged with “the bad”.)

6. Direct Twitter automated spam messages are a thing. (From the 9th level of hell, but hey.)

7. Greece is absolutely beautiful from space.

8. New software exists! (really!)

9. Lawsuits.

10. Politics.

———————– more, but variations on the themes above.———————

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