Gadsden Flag

I wanted to save this. It was a response to yet another facebook meme photo of the gadsden flag. I do not knock the person who posted it, nor do I knock what that old flag/n/snake stood for, but I believe it is far too late for it to be meaningful anymore. The only way for our nation to regain what has been lost would be through a real revolution…and I seriously doubt that something like that is possible in this time without some sort of apocalypse or total economic collapse as most people are so completely inured to what is going on as to prevent any meaningful change to occur.

So the saved response. Take it as you will…or not. It is what I have come to realize after 5 decades in the land of U.S. Bizarro World. —-

…Too bad that is meaningless. In our lifetime, we have NEVER experienced true freedom. We are coerced at the point of the gun to assist in the theft of our income on a yearly basis, we pay even MORE in the form of taxation for EVERYTHING all of the time, to the point of losing up to 40% of our disposable income to it AFTER the primary taxation method… we allow our government to continue its current form and allow them to gerrymander the districts to keep the same evil people in positions of authority.

We have long since abdicated any responsibility. In fact, we are NOT a free nation at all, but rather a thinly disguised fascist state that pays mere lip service to “freedom”. Even those on the conservative side, when questioned about how to change things have said “we need to litigate”. a quote of Mark Levin when asked what should be done on his radio show.

Our nation was founded upon principles the founders KNEW couldn’t survive…and they were correct, as progressive thought and politics began a long quiet struggle in the late 1800’s and took center stage with Woodrow Wilson’s administration in the early 1900’s.

When “we the people” understand that we have been sold down the river…a LONG time ago, that will be the beginning of change…but I have no hope for this occuring in our lifetime…unless the nation collapses under the unsustainable weight of its debt burden…but remember the government is in control of the military and the law enforcement branches, so what comes after…will probably just shed the veneer of a republic.

Sorry for piling on here on your page, but the constant barage of facebook memes/photos/slogans angers me to my core, as it is lip service rather than reality. “Reality”…is police geared and equipped to appear exactly as soldiers breaking and entering supposed private residences hunting for a ‘terrorist’…and no one…NOONE blinks an eye, rather they cheer in the streets.

We’ve been firmly tread upon, and we cheer.


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