My final sunrise in paradise

1. The 13th. Ahh the dreaded morning.  With a stunning sunrise (see the pics) and several hours before having to say good bye, I spent my time after packing up and getting the cabin stuff to the patio by just kicking it in the gazebo overlooking limestone beach and reading for awhile.
At the airport I said my goodbyes to Kevin and Sara, who seemed to have as mixed emotions about leaving as I did. They were heading home to Massachusetts.

2. The flights. A nice jet (757) with all the amenities to JFK in New York. The 2nd leg though…a 737-800 cattle-car filled with a bunch of morons. I’m not going to dignify this blog with some of the stupidity, smells and idiocy of that flight…suffice to say I and several of the flustered flight attendants were more than happy to hear the slap of the wheels on the tarmac when we arrived in Denver. That said, I really like flying Delta overall.

3. I couldn’t sleep for hours when I got home. I just wandered around the apartment feeling like I was missing something.

4. I woke up with that same “missing something” feeling today.  I realized that it was the sound and smell of the ocean and the wind blowing in from the east gently telling me the day was arriving.

5. I will go back. I miss it already. If I could figure out a way to make a living down there without cleaning toilets or selling cheap jewelry to the locals, I’d jet off and never come back. I left a piece of my soul down there, and I didn’t even realize it until wheels down in Denver last night.

Just a short clip taken at Limestone Beach. The wind made things not only tolerable temperature wise, it made it just about perfect.

Last ride in the courtesy truck
VI Campgrounds – Water Island, US Virgin Islands Nothing is perfect, but this was about the best place I could have picked for this trip.
Last looks
Last water taxi ride
I already miss this.
Seeing new friends off on their journey home.
Second thoughts on leaving.
St. Thomas
Red Hook
New York City. 70 degrees and a bit hazy.
Last leg of the journey. Saying goodbye to the East Coast.
On the bus ride home and away from DIA
Return to Casa du Casey
This bungalow has a few more amenities
The view is a bit different, but hey at least that is salt water. 🙂
After the jokes and griping over the campground “facilities”, my vacation buddies will completely relate to how awesome this picture actually is. One of the first things I did when I got home was go in here and just flush the toilet. Not use it…Just flush it. 😀

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