May 10th 2015

1. So today’s agenda was to hit the beach. Which I did. And the two bars on the beach, and the water in front of the beach, and my chair in front of the water.

2. A lot of people I’ve noticed get to these places and then decide to hurry and SEE STUFF and run about. To me this pretty much defeats the purpose of a relaxing vacation. I don’t WANT to hurry, and if the place I’m at is beautiful and contains all the “scenic” of the area, then I’m ahead of the game.

3. In a nutshell, today was Beach, Sun, Sand, Sunburn, Suntan lotion, BOOZE, Fish tacos (at Heidi’s Grill and beach bar), booze, putzing about in the shallows, people watching, booze, more sunburn, more aloe vera and suntan lotion, Booze, home, bed.  And it was a perfect PERFECT day.

So here are the highlights:

Getting to the beach is all downhill.
Gorzirra! Guardians of the trail.
Trail’s end…beach and booze ahead!
Honeymoon Beach. Pretty much the most complete (bars, beach,swimming, food) hidden cove beach I’ve been to.
Panorama test of my camera.
The “Painkiller”. Rum, coconut milk, cream, pineapple juice, nutmeg. Pretty much “awesome” in a cup.
Your Host, clowning. At this point I wasn’t that far in the bag, but by the end of the day….yeah. 😀
Heidi’s Honeymoon Beach Bar and Grill. Home of the best fish tacos I’ve ever stuffed in my face…and that is saying something, as I’ve had more than “some” of that food. I ate here twice during the day, and I almost NEVER eat the same thing twice in a go. 🙂
Locals and Boaters kickin’ it.
The aforementioned Fish Tacos from tropical heaven.
Jetski invasion.
Local Cat. Pretty beat up, but I wouldn’t sneeze at one. 🙂
From sand to rocky areas.
Boats, a drink and a vape on a beach.
A pleasant view all around. 🙂
Afternoons get busier here, but still plenty of room to relax.
The entertainment in the afternoon/evening. Zydico band…with an accordian that didn’t suck. The lady played a flute, and she was excellent.
Wild…er…tame…er…chickens were everywhere…with chicks as well. Moochers. 😀
Late afternoon, many drinks later, the area actually got some rain…for about five minutes. Then the disaster passed on by for more sunshine.

Tomorrow I’ve decided will be more of the same, adding some snorkel gear to the agenda to putz about. Other folks have mentioned the snorkeling here at Honeymoon Beach is pretty excellent.  We shall see.  🙂

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