Island girl. She had an almost hypnotic way with the wildlife around here. Because of her I got to pet an iguana. :-)
Island girl. She had an almost hypnotic way with the wildlife around here. Because of her I got to pet an iguana. 🙂

May 11th, 2015

1. I’ve settled firmly into island time, and I now know in my gut why people come down here and stay.

2. This was going to be (today/tomorrow) excursion/exploration time, but I’ve changed it up. Right here on the little island I’m on…has EVERYTHING I would be hunting for on St. John’s. So My last two days here, the only thing I’m going to do is a bit of gift shopping tomorrow on St. Thomas, and the rest of this trip will be right here on the beach or in the water. Awesome beach, good food, good people and just relaxing was the goal, and I’ve found that exactly, right here. 🙂

3. Side benefits, meeting some really excellent folks and making new friends. Here in the USVI in person, and after on the ol’ social media side, but what is life without sharing and making friends? Sarah, Kevin, Carrie, Matt, you have made my life richer. 🙂

4. So I’ll just get out of the way, post up the day’s shots, and we’ll cya’ all tomorrow for the 1/2 day finale before heading home.

Another day!
Here there be wildlife. (That girl in the first shot was carrying these dudettes around as well.)
About 10am the sail folks start piling in.
That dinghy had a bent motor. Guy got it fixed. He’s the dad of the girls in the other pics (including iguana girl) and they have a big sailboat which they live on and travel around the islands. His Mother is holding the umbrella to keep the tools from turning into molten lead…she’s from Vail, and owns a strip mall and two dispensaries in Boulder…and she spends most of her time down here. 🙂
Busy agenda for this day, boy-howdy. 😀
Your host salutes you with a most awesome Bloody Maria (tequila vs. vodka). 😀
Sandy, the local sea-glass jewelry peddler. She was a New Yawka’ (accent still firmly in place), and has been down here for five years. She says the only thing she misses is her old BMW. 🙂
The Fishing dog. That dog loves the water more than people.
Generations. The kids live on that yacht I mentioned. (Their Dad being the dinghy repair guy.)
There goes the neighborhood for a bit. Tourist water taxi for the “Cruisers”. I’ve been down here a week and I’m already thinking of the Cruise ship folks like sub-humans. lol.
And away go the Cruiser-people. Barely a day in, hurry hurry, and off they go. heh.
This Mahi-mahi fish dinner was courtesy of my friends Sarah and Kevin. I supplied some side stuff and away we went. Nothing in the world like fresh fish caught a couple hours before.
Good folks, good food, good beer, let’s EAT! 🙂 Sarah and Kevin after their fishing trip. 29 miles out to the trench, and back with some good stuff. Plus a “one that got away” story as well. 😀

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