Just a couple updates.

  1. I finally figured out why the stupid progress meter on the blog wasn’t working right. Turns out the CSS code was fine, but the “widget” needed to be an “HTML” type rather than the one I was using.  Go figure. I’ll be updating this more often going forward.Screenshot from 2018-05-11 01-02-56
  2. New project underway. At this point, the estimated length is 60,000 words, putting it at the high end of “novella”. I’ve been toying with this story at the back-oh-the-brain for awhile now, and no sooner than I started the work, it did something I wasn’t expecting. It re-lit an absolute fire under my butt for the main project. (Go me!) Anyway, I’m tinkering with the idea of posting this up as a webblog-serial, a chapter at a time. I need to find the proper plugins to ensure that the text looks good within the wordpress structure as the inhouse editor results look like crap. More on this as things progress.Screenshot from 2018-05-11 01-17-16
  3. My Tarantula gang numbers have dropped a bit. Twelve of the critters exited stage left in the last couple months. One due to an infection or parasite of some kind. The rest were all males who matured, got their sexual organs (hooked out), and then faded away. Males (pretty much all spiders and not just tarantulas) are at the “end of things” when they mature. Females go for years and years, but the boys…not so much.  RIP lil’ derps.IMG_20180505_201123
    Female Grammostola pulchra finally in premolt. One of my favorites. 🙂

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