So, the universe conspires, and we the individuals, react.

I’ve been off of writing (in any form) for the last couple months due to an aggravating shoulder injury. (rotator cuff tear.) Things are finally calming down in the “oh crap! did I just do that again?” agony department, and so I’m slowly getting back into pushing words out of my brain.  No writer’s block (which is probably worse in this instance), just uncomfortable as hell to actually type anything.


In the hobby side of things, I’ve added a new tank. A 20 gallon long dedicated to five little “Pea Puffers”. -see the main post pictures for what those are. Most of my tanks (other than the shrimp garden) are community tanks. Pea puffers are territorial carnivores doing best when they have places to hide and claim. (Ottocinclus catfish are an exception, and thus I’ve got four of those in for algae cleaning duties.)

All the tarantulas are doing their spiderly thing. 😀

I’ve occupied my time (besides driving folks around) by finally cleaning up my entertainment data. I have a ton of movies and TV shows that were spread around willy-nilly. I set up “Plex” to manage and organize things. For a long time this software, while cool, was an absolute PITA to setup and configure, but I’m happy to say that is no longer the case. 

While not an “Apple” guy, I now own a nifty new IPAD thanks to Xfinity. I changed up my current cable package, and apparently there was an offer for a free ipad with the deal. I had forgotten about that, so when FEDEX dropped it off, I was at first perplexed as to what this box contained. Then…”SWEEEEEEeeeeeeettttt!!!!”. Works great. It is interesting to see the different software ecosystem (from Android, where I mostly live), but the apps work, and I’m finally going to retire my old Nexus7 for reading and bathroom surfing duties. Heh.

So that is the situation in Casey-land these days. Now back to getting stuff done. 

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