Grammostola pulchripes 10-20-15
Grammostola pulchripes 10-20-15

Further proof that the art of T-Keeping is patience. Behold the Grammostola pulchripes (Chaco Golden Knee). Since July, I have seen this git a grand total of three times. 1. Unpacking. 2. Came up…actually just opened the den hole…for food. 3. Now. This is the first time OUT in the open. Growth is excellent, as this was less than a 1/4″ when it arrived.
100_2912Shown here munching…no hesitation. Of course if I’d spent the last three months (for the most part) buried with no food…I’d be scarfing like a madman as well. heh.

Once done with said food, I’m rehousing it to a deeper enclosure with better “diggability” as this species is a tunnel rat until a bit larger.

So a few more T-pics from casa du casey:

11 thoughts on “Tunnel rats and the art of patience

  1. I’m so jealous of your G. pulchripes growth! I bought two of those little buggers about two years ago, and I swear they stayed .5″ for a full year. Only now have they finally put on some decent size. It used to be a running joke in my house that they refused molt. Still, I love the species and look forward to the day when they are big and beautiful.

    Awesome pics!


    1. This one is awesome. But it did spend months buried. In the new enclosure it has created another cool burrow, but is spending most of the time outside. Still pretty skittish, but eating well….and I just fed em when this came in. Heh. I’m in between on food sizes right now…the lats and dubia are too big and their nymphs are too small, so it is several of the biggest nymphs for the not-quite-little T’s right now. (I hate crickets, so not an option. heh.)

      Speaking of holy-crap big though…my OBT just molted AGAIN…and has crossed two inches. Color is gorgeous. It has created the palace from the 9th level of hell in its enclosure…which is freakin’ awesome. 😀

      1. Mine spent months buried, too…then re-emerged the exact same size. Hahaha. I was so confused at the time. Yeah, I hear you about being in between sizes. I hate crickets as well, but I still find the smaller ones convenient for some of the slings. I have a couple tiny slings that I have to pre-kill everything for. It’s a pain, but they’re scared of event the tiniest crickets. Man, it molted AGAIN! I think I told you, I’ve had one of mine for over two years now, and she JUST reached 2.5″. I joke that it’s a dwarf OBT. I love all of their webbing, although mine likes to hide in it for ambushes…little jerk. Haha

        1. Yeah, this one does the same exact thing, but after every molt, it hangs out in front of door #1, which is almost a gothic looking entryway, with a tall triangular web piece forming a circular door over the entrance.(It actually has three doors that I can tell, and it moves around quite a bit.)
          It is getting the bright golden coloration. Just saw it again today for the first time in over a week. 😀

    1. I am in an ongoing battle with my WP app; it doesn’t notify me any more of basically anything -_-
      Anyway, great pictures, where have you been blog-wise, and how are your spiders doing? 🙂

      1. Good luck on the WP battle. heh. I have been out and about “getting stuff done”, and thus spending less time on the blogging side. I’ll be posting up new stuff here soon. Spiders and fish all say hi! 🙂

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