Screenshot from 2014-04-12 05:18:04When writing “After the Burning: Princess“, I was in old school mode where every page was printed out. When revising/editing I would take a red pen and mark the crap out of the pages with corrections/notes/etc.

Now that I’ve moved to the self publishing game (and with my old printer having bitten the dust), I’ve had to think of new ways to do this…and so far what I’ve come up with is working pretty well.

At certain points, (every few chapters) I save the document as a pdf file. Then I convert that to the epub format (my preferred e-book formatting standard) using Calibre and then content serve the result to my nexus7 and my e-book reader(s). I usually use Moonreader Pro, but also check the work on the nook and kindle software for consistency.  Now I can see the work as a reader would. At each point I spot something, I just look up to the manuscript on the screen in my word processor…and make the change.

The picture I’ve attached shows my Archlinux desktop with my workflow setup. You can see the desktops/windows on the right side of the pic.
Web (research/cat vacuuming) on the top, then a music player in the second desktop(window).
The third window has all of the outline/backstory/overview documents tiled for easy go-to. The fourth window is the manuscript.

I love technology.

For those curious, I do NOT use microsoft products. My work is always cobbled together in Libreoffice Writer, and if a MS word document format is needed, I just use a “convert to .doc file save as xxx”.  Writer can save in multiple formats including PDF.

For novels/manuscripts/etc., without a lot of weird formatting issues, this is a snap, and I’ve found no consistency errors using Libreoffice.

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