After Burning_FULL-Jacket-3

So after an italics goof and subsequent catch by FB buddy and fellow author Kellie after I posted a version of this to facebook, the revised and updated cover is off to Createspace for re-re-re-aproval. Thanks to my friend and outstanding cover art guru-mojo-guy Rob for the cover and subsequent outstanding band-aid fix!
I finally finished and uploaded the updated digital versions as well to Smashwords, and Amazon. That was more futzing about than I’d anticipated, but life tends to be all about the ‘futzing’, so it’s all good…and once the print version goes live, the ebooks will be matched up so purchasing the paper book will get the buyer a deep discount to the ebook version on Amazon.

Now, (knock on wood) I can get back to what I LIKE to do, which is, of course, to stare at walls, bang on the keyboard with my skull, cat vacuum, and try to avoid internet-ey stuff on a daily basis in a joyous attempt to get words and sentences out so I can do this all over again a bit later this year with the next volume in the series.

Of course I’m studiously ignoring the word “marketing” for the moment. I have to, of course…that is the lot of the independent author who takes on all the hats involved in publishing, but right now, at this particular moment in the river of time, I think I’d rather be herding cats…blindfolded. 🙂

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