Just a quick post up of a fish tank migration. I retired the old 29 gallon and replaced it with a 40 gallon breeder setup.  This is the living room “FOWLR” tank.  (Fish Only With Live Rock.) Coral “reef” tanks introduce a level of care that I’m not interested in doing beyond the two smaller tanks I’m managing. FOWLR tanks are far far easier in the maintenance category and much more forgiving of mistakes.
As this tank set up is new, it is still clearing from the motion, new sandbed and rock situating.

The Engineer gobies (also known as “Convict gobies”) you’ll see in this video are each 10″ long, and have grown from 3″ when I got them last year. The nifty thing about this species is that it looks and behaves like an Eel, but doesn’t require the husbandry and such that most Eels do.   They also don’t need monster aquariums to thrive, as, like Eels, they dig out a cave or sheltered spot, and then hang out there, poking their heads out to feed.
Beyond the two blue-green chromis in the video, there is Jacque, my ever cool skunk cleaner shrimp and finally there are two very shy blue yellow tail damsels that are poking their noses out of the rock work only occasionally.  The yellow tails are different than most damsels, in that they aren’t the assholes of the tank. (Most damsels are extremely aggressive and will nip at just about anything else that moves. There is a reason the pure blue ones are nicknamed: “The Blue Devil”.)
Once I’m sure this migration doesn’t kick off a big tank cycle, I’ll be adding a flame angel and a new Coral Beauty Angel (to replace the one that died on me).
A real “cycle” shouldn’t happen though as  1/4 of the old tank water, a few cups of the old sand and the live rocks came over, effectively pre-seeding the new setup with the proper bacteria.)
These two Engineers are pissed off at me currently, as they were quite content in the old tank. Heh.

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