So I got a call last night to pick up from an old town Arvada tavern. Picked up the young guy who had walked there to have the bar call the cab. (Their phone was dead.)

I took him back to the car that his girlfriend tried to park INSIDE a curb. (Bent the wheel badly..thus the need for the cab.)

The girlfriend who was waiting, immediately starts complaining and yelling at him and demanding to know where he was…even though he had TOLD her he was getting a cab for them. I took them all the way down to the south side of Denver to their place ($$$ fare)…and she spent the entire ride berating him for all of his issues. It would have been a real annoying ride…except everything she was yelling at him for…was her fault…and she started every diatribe with “I did blah blah blah”…or “they’re so mad at me, but it’s your fault because…”

It was entertaining as hell partly for the spin, and partly for how he “yes dear’d” her the entire way without losing his cool once. I was seriously impressed with his ability to control what HAD to be the urge to punch her lights out.

Got a message today from dispatch…SHE left the key to the car she wrecked…in the cab. I wonder how that’ll get spun.  😀

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