So, some of y’all know I’ve switched off the IT career grind in order to pursue my heart’s desire of a writer’s life, and some of you didn’t know.

Well, I did.

After years n’ years of the same tech grind, and side-lining my writing for said grind, I realized awhile back that life doesn’t last forever, and if one delays and futzes about for too long, the path less traveled gets missed. I have always been a ‘throw-the-hat-over-the-fence’ kinda’ guy when it comes to doing what I want to in life, so I did it again.

Figuring out how to eat and have a roof whilst doing the word-smithing was the trick. In the “IT” field, the end of the day equals the end of the day. The brain is fried and the creative juice has leaked out. All one wants to do at the end of the day is veg out and not think until the next day. This is a bad thing when it comes to trying to write fiction, or, for that matter, any other type of prose that requires mental go-juice.

So I put down the things I like to do (non IT career related) on a piece of paper, and from that list narrowed down the things I could do for work that would also allow me to more or less pursue writing full time.

Driving, chatting with people and writing (duh!) topped the list. So I went out, surfed the byzantine world of permits and licensing, got my chauffeur’s license and started driving a cab.

So far, the choice has been a good one. Now, after spending about a month getting the hang of the taxi game, I’m writing again….go me!

The other interesting side effect of this move is blogging. Normally I only pop stuff in here as I feel like it. With the taxi job, I find that I’ve got a lot of stories to tell that don’t fit my “fiction writing path”, and so I hope to entertain here with some stories from the wild n’ wacky world of driving people around for money.

So stayed tuned intrepid readers, the Taxi Cab blog is taking shape!

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