“This is my water dish. There are many like it…but this one is mine.” -Victory Jr.

So this post will show all of my kids at this particular time. I’m also using this to test the gallery feature of wordpress, and what better way than to show off the menagerie?

At this point we have fifteen in the gang. I am most definitely going to add a few more to the zoo, but unlike the bigger collectors in the hobby, I’m very satisfied with the species variation I have here. There are a couple more arboreals I am interested in for color as well as behavior, and 2-3 more terrestrials for similar reasons. I will most likely top this out at 20 in the collection for awhile. One of the nice features about keeping these animals as pets is that space issues are truly not that big a deal, and as most tarantulas take quite awhile (relatively) to get to full size/mature, there is some nice “lag” between rehousing situations.

Clicking on any picture will bring up the gallery feature:

4 thoughts on “Tarantula roundup 9-9-2015

    1. Nice. 🙂 I do find that much more than this would be a bit cumbersome for what I want (time and effort-wise). Twenty fits, and twiddling watering/feeding schedules means I can deal with other things without a constant “who gets what now again?” issues. Love em’, but for me the variety is good at this point. I AM hunting for an Euathlus sp. red though…cannot find one to save my life. :-/

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