The Importance of Respect and Open-mindedness In the Tarantula Hobby

Excellent thoughts on the hobby and the ability to be polite and open minded.

Tom's Big Spiders

Or, Why we need to eliminate the “My Way or the Highway” Attitude in Tarantula Keeping

No matter the hobby or interest, there are always going to be debates and arguments between those with different views. Whether it be sports, music, movies, or cars, it seems that many folks believe that an integral part of becoming an “expert” in a particular area entails showcasing your vast knowledge in spirited kerfuffles with other enthusiasts. After all, what better way to show how much you know than to verbally beat down someone with less awareness on the subject?

The tarantula hobby, of course, is no exception. Anyone who spends time on a public forum or group dedicated to tarantulas will inevitably encounter some “grab the popcorn” level disagreements about various subjects. Topics like handling, water dishes, supplemental heating, and even basic husbandry can lead to many passionate, often nasty, disagreements between experts…

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In the Eye of the Beholder, or “I don’t see what you see.”



= in my eyes.


I’m sitting here slurping coffee, getting ready to feed a bunch of tarantulas in a short bit and I was musing about some reactions on faffbook in response to arachnid galleries and posts…from people who obviously aren’t in the hobby.

These reactions range from just “EWWWWW!” to “I’m scared of spiders” to “kill it with fire”…with a few folks taking the high road complimenting on color or beauty, but quite often appending with “I’m terrified of…” or “but they are creepy”.

cute jumping spider

Arachnophobia is a real thing. I know this, because I have a mild form of Apiphobia, which is the fear of bees and wasps. It is a completely irrational fear for me, and one which I’ve endeavored to get over by forcibly NOT running away at the mere sight of one of these beautiful animals. I still get anxiety around them, but by dealing with the fear, I no longer bolt when one swings by.




So I CAN relate to the reaction.





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What I learned on Social Media today

the thinker

1. Bars and Strip clubs are open and have lots of beautiful women ready to empty your wallet.

2. Vineyards in Texas are a thing.

3. Some writers apparently like other people to futz about with their blog posts.

4. Writing groups are some of the flakiest angst ridden places in the social-sphere…outside of political groups.

5. Vaping is EVIL(tm). Vaping is GOOD(tm).
(I lean FAR to the good, but if you are in the state of California-loony-bin-land, you are probably getting deluged with “the bad”.)

6. Direct Twitter automated spam messages are a thing. (From the 9th level of hell, but hey.)

7. Greece is absolutely beautiful from space.

8. New software exists! (really!)

9. Lawsuits.

10. Politics.

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Workshops and other writing silliness

After joining some FB and G+ writer’s groups, I’ve become even more convinced that Stephen King had it completely correct (paraphrasing here): “Writer’s write…they don’t gab or workshop about it.”

Nothin’ more to say on that.  Now back to pounding out pages.