Tarantula Keeper’s Journal Entry 3 – Deep thoughts

Tiphane G. proteri

G. proteri

Noob-keeper post:

So after a ton of reading and researching, the general conclusion I’m seeing about arachnid intelligence is…all over the place.


Iskierka G. rosea

Recently my G. rosea sling “Iskierka” managed to squeak out of an air-hole that was just a tiny bit big and go on “walk-about” in my office bedroom. I found her on the floor merrily tromping along toward a book case a good 10 feet from her starting point. (And In no hurry, she was just walking along.)

As an experiment, I placed her cage in a larger wide container, and placed a glass lid on her cage. (not exactly lightweight, but unanchored.)

She escaped the cage.

How? She isn’t more than 1/2″ in complete diameter and the lid is 1/8″ thick glass. She SLID the lid back enough to squeeze out. She then wandered slowly and in no hurry about the large container, checking here and there for who knows what. I re-caged her easily with a light tap on her rear leg and she waltzed into a small pill bottle. I put her back in her original home and she went back to her normal spot as if nothing had happened.

Now WHY should she want to? Or care? We keep these wee ones in tiny little cages no bigger than a large vial or deli cup at this point as it is supposed to be “big enough”. If these creatures ARE comfortable in this kind of an environment, WHY BOTHER with the Houdini act? -rhetorical.

Without anthropomorphizing, this tells me that even as a tiny sling, these animals can problem solve.

Tiphane on the left and "Ms. Fumblebutt" - temp name-- on the right.

Tiphane on the left and “Ms. Fumblebutt” – temp name– on the right.


Tiphane checking things out.


Ms. Fumblebutt sucking down some water. She can’t make up her mind as to whether this is a drinking hole…or her toilet. 😀

I have two larger T’s who are within 1/4″ in growth of each other, the same species…and couldn’t be more different personalities. In fact I keep falling back on my “cat” analogy. If you put eight legs on cats, I don’t see a whole hell of a lot of difference in behavior. (Granted cats are larger, and do some different things, but way too much is the same for me to just blow it off as imagination.)

These animals have moods.

They can determine that their owner isn’t a threat and allow itself to be picked up and handled as opposed to lunging/running or what one would assume to be an automatic flight/fight response.

OBT on the attack!

OBT on the attack!

Or they can be like OBT’s (Orange Bitey Things or their name:Pterinochilus murinus) and make the attack the primary modus operandi no matter what. (UNTIL the exception…there are always exceptions with T’s.)

Not saying “brain surgeons” here, but there is a whole hell of lot more going on in those prosomas (the front body part that contains the brain), and it doesn’t take a biologist/entomologist  to figure THAT out.

They can barely “see” as vertebrates do…until you realize/discover that they have an overall sensory apparatus that would make Daredevil feel like a 2nd rate charlatan. (Their entire body is a sense organ in essence.)

I’m betting that these creatures can “SEE” better than we can, but in an alien way that combines all of this stuff into a coherent picture that we human types can’t really visualize…much the same way that multiple dimensions beyond the 4th one buggers up our poor ape brains.

And then I read over and over how little they have actually been studied, and the first thought that pops up in MY prosoma is…WHY THE HELL NOT?  -heh.

Also Tarantula wikipedia entries need fixing…badly. (egads.)  🙂

One of the best books I’ve read in a long time…that will never be sold

The world of “Emberverse” after the “Change”

There are times when publishing “rights” and “contracts” and “fanfiction” need to get tossed in the frickin’ bucket.  This is one of those times.

You will never find this “book” in a store, or even in e-reader format.  It is a fanfiction work set in S.M. Stirling’s “Emberverse” series   and due to licensing and other stuff, the ONLY  place you’ll find it is here:

“Wildfire by Pete Sartucci”

This Author has got serious game, and even if you’ve never read ANY of the Emberverse books, this is still one awesome story. (It is in the same ‘verse as Mr. Stirling’s books, but is separate so no prior reading required.)

I reviewed it on facebook,  but I’m sitting here still just blown away.  I liked this story better than just about anything I’ve read in the last year, and that is saying something.

Not only is this an outstanding story, but the background research was outstanding. (The story is set in Colorado, and I had many “AHAH! I’VE BEEN THERE!” moments.)


To make my life simpler (I hate reading from web pages) I copy/pasted the work into a libreoffice document, exported as a pdf file and then converted it via Calibre into an epub format for my tablet.

The novel (it is that size) was too big for one long link, so it was broken up into three parts:

1. Wildfire

2. Firebreak

3. Back Draft


Here is my facebook review a few minutes after reading “finis” to this work:

Well. Damn. Okay, review of Wildfire. That story isn’t fan fic. It is far more and far better than that limited classification. It is a VERY great pity it has to be classed as such. If I had never read Dies the Fire, this would be the author/series I would anxiously be awaiting new work from. From start to finish, this story sucked me in and kept me from editing/writing and filled every down point in the taxi for the last couple days.

When I get a good book, I tend to inhale and get taken away. This is one of those books.
If I could wish for one thing from a “fan” perspective, it would Stephen and Peter collaborating on a title set in this universe.

5 stars out of 4. period.