The Importance of Respect and Open-mindedness In the Tarantula Hobby

Excellent thoughts on the hobby and the ability to be polite and open minded.

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Or, Why we need to eliminate the “My Way or the Highway” Attitude in Tarantula Keeping

No matter the hobby or interest, there are always going to be debates and arguments between those with different views. Whether it be sports, music, movies, or cars, it seems that many folks believe that an integral part of becoming an “expert” in a particular area entails showcasing your vast knowledge in spirited kerfuffles with other enthusiasts. After all, what better way to show how much you know than to verbally beat down someone with less awareness on the subject?

The tarantula hobby, of course, is no exception. Anyone who spends time on a public forum or group dedicated to tarantulas will inevitably encounter some “grab the popcorn” level disagreements about various subjects. Topics like handling, water dishes, supplemental heating, and even basic husbandry can lead to many passionate, often nasty, disagreements between experts…

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Tarantula Controversies #1: The OBT as a Beginner T

Excellent article (series) on the controversies in the Tarantula hobby.

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Recently, I sat down to write an article about some of the divisive, hot-button topics that dog the tarantula hobby and often ensnare uninitiated keepers in heated debates. These are subjects that new hobbyists are often interested in learning about, but an internet search or an innocent forum query produces two equally heated and opposing answers. My hope was to present both sides of these gray-area arguments so that keepers could develop their own informed opinions.

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As this feature took shape, it was apparent that there were enough of these topics that to try to cover them in one blog post would prove daunting (not to mention provide for a particularly long-winded blog post). The logical decision was to instead cover these topics as a series, focusing on one issue at a time. And, I could think of no better way to…

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In which the author JA Konrath finally joins Kindle Worlds.

I’m too busy to get involved with stuff like this, but I don’t hate on it. I think the concept is awesome and fun.

At one point I contemplated doing something with Hugh Howey’s Wool, and was VERY tempted with Michael Bunker’s Pennsylvania Worlds entry, but…I’m building and wrestling with my own massive world-building experience. One 32 ounce porterhouse at a time is more than enough. 🙂

Who knows?

Perhaps one day down down the road, I’ll put up the world of After The Burning as a Kindle World.

Anyway, click on the picture below to get all the nifty details, as well as Konrath’s take on what took him so long to take the plunge. This guy is always an interesting read…and an excellent author as well.

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