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Writer in editing mode

It has definitely been awhile since I updated the blog on the writing side of things. A few reasons. I really don’t like writing about writing.  I also discovered that I’m not really a fan of reading about writers expounding on writing. Bores me to tears.

When I took the plunge into actually publishing my work, I friended up quite a few authors and independently published writers in the social media world to get their take on things. Educational yep. Exciting and fun to read? Nope. So my blog has evolved to the things I DO find interesting to blabber about, namely my 8-legged cats and other hobbies.

That all said, I haven’t stopped writing, but it has slowed down this last twelve months. You’re probably asking yourself at this point, if this dude hates writing about writing so much, what is this for? The answer is that I have actual readers now who are waiting for the next book(s) in the series that began with “Princess”. Folks wanna’ know where things are at, and a few have asked politely how stuff is going, so here ya go.

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1. Writers, by the very nature of what we do….are boring creatures. I do not mean that we BORE people…far from it. I mean that we don’t “do” a lot of exciting stuff. (Unless the name is Ernest Hemingway, and I bet that when he was writing, he wasn’t Mr. Thrillsville-guy either.)

We sit in front of a keyboard/monitor/pen/paper and we put one word after the other in place in order to NOT BORE people.

1b. I write that because when coming up with blog stuff, it occurred to me that if I just mentioned my normal routine…I’d be bored.  😀 So with that, on to point two!  heh heh.

2. Slow driving night tonight. NOT COMPLAINING. Tuesday evenings are supposed to be slow.

3. Writing going well.  Just passed 42,000 words in the current manuscript.  Only about a 150,000’ish of the lil’ buggers left to go.


4. Gripe Mode On— Sometimes I see writers saying “marketing” things as if they have CHANGED THE UNIVERSE!(tm). This annoys me. They have not. They may have figured out a way to put grease on the wheel in a new and fascinating manner, but they are, in point of fact, still publishing books, and people are/are not still reading them. —Gripe Mode Off.

Hiring a Freelance Editor: Pricing and Getting the Most for Your Money

I’ve been asked this question a time or three. This is very good advice.

The Sarcastic Muse

The Freelance Editor Dilemma: Pricing and Getting the Most for Your MoneyI was chatting with my cousin a few weeks ago about freelance work. He used to work as a graphic designer—doing logos and such—and so he knows how difficult it can be to find work or, at the very least, to find people willing to pay for good work. Business owners would ask to have a professional logo made for next to nothing. And I thought: If that’s all the money they were willing to put into their business, then what does that tell me they think their company is worth?

The same issue occurs in the editing world, too. While many writers do understand that quality editing takes time and doesn’t come cheap, others seem to underestimate just what exactly editing entails—and what exactly they’re paying for.

I understand why writers may wish to find cheaper editing options—monetary issues or otherwise—but as with any business (and publishing novels is…

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One of the best books I’ve read in a long time…that will never be sold

The world of “Emberverse” after the “Change”

There are times when publishing “rights” and “contracts” and “fanfiction” need to get tossed in the frickin’ bucket.  This is one of those times.

You will never find this “book” in a store, or even in e-reader format.  It is a fanfiction work set in S.M. Stirling’s “Emberverse” series   and due to licensing and other stuff, the ONLY  place you’ll find it is here:

“Wildfire by Pete Sartucci”

This Author has got serious game, and even if you’ve never read ANY of the Emberverse books, this is still one awesome story. (It is in the same ‘verse as Mr. Stirling’s books, but is separate so no prior reading required.)

I reviewed it on facebook,  but I’m sitting here still just blown away.  I liked this story better than just about anything I’ve read in the last year, and that is saying something.

Not only is this an outstanding story, but the background research was outstanding. (The story is set in Colorado, and I had many “AHAH! I’VE BEEN THERE!” moments.)


To make my life simpler (I hate reading from web pages) I copy/pasted the work into a libreoffice document, exported as a pdf file and then converted it via Calibre into an epub format for my tablet.

The novel (it is that size) was too big for one long link, so it was broken up into three parts:

1. Wildfire

2. Firebreak

3. Back Draft


Here is my facebook review a few minutes after reading “finis” to this work:

Well. Damn. Okay, review of Wildfire. That story isn’t fan fic. It is far more and far better than that limited classification. It is a VERY great pity it has to be classed as such. If I had never read Dies the Fire, this would be the author/series I would anxiously be awaiting new work from. From start to finish, this story sucked me in and kept me from editing/writing and filled every down point in the taxi for the last couple days.

When I get a good book, I tend to inhale and get taken away. This is one of those books.
If I could wish for one thing from a “fan” perspective, it would Stephen and Peter collaborating on a title set in this universe.

5 stars out of 4. period.

A Book Bomb happening today

Pennsylvania cover

A good Facebook buddy of mine  and fellow indie author Michael Bunker is doing a “book bomb” release of his newest work, Pennsylvania which hits Amazon and other ebook avenues such as Smashwords today.

I had the opportunity to read and review this work early, and I enjoyed it immensely. Not just for the content (which is the most important part!), but for the production values as well.  Never let it be said that an indie published book is second rate after this release.

On Amazon, you can buy this as a print edition and get the ebook digital copy for 99 cents more. -Excellent deal for all you tree-killing-book types out there.  🙂

Michael, I wish you success in this “book bomb!” and in all your endeavors going forward.

My review of Pennsylvania is here on Goodreads.


Writing plans ongoing!

So the ‘what’s up on the writing front’ is:

I’m going to take a few days this week or next and do a buff on the first book, reformat for pdf and put it up on createspace (amazon’s print on demand service).

Also I’m thinking about doing a Michael Bunker / Hugh Howey and serialize the release of the 2nd volume instead of the entire thing at once….with an omnibus for volume 2 when it’s done. Gotta think about this a bit, but as I’ve not really done any marketing at this point…pulling it back and re-releasing it in the serial format is probably doable as well.

(No marketing as I didn’t want to put volume one out, blab it up, and then wait forever for volume 2. Having a few folks mad at me for delays is one thing, but having a LOT of people mad at me…well screw that. )

Originally it was my intent to wade into the traditional publishing world, but 3/4 way through Princess, I decided to go my own way after a TON of research on the industry, but at that point hadn’t seen what some of the more successful indie authors had been doing by putting out chunks of the work instead of all at once. -go figure. (Murphy lurks there, I’m thinking.)

Brave new world out there in publishing land.

I only mention this stuff, as feedback from the first book has been uniformly awesome, and gives me hope to make a success out of this passion of mine.

Break a leg, they said.

Things writers do to drive themselves batshit:

So a character in my novel has suffered a very bad compound fracture of the femur (thigh). In a scene I’m currently writing, said character (female) has to relieve herself…and suddenly I’m out of the narrative scratching my head…just how in the HELL can that be done? So first step: google “compound fracture: femur”.

I will NEVER EVER EVER be able to unsee the horrifying images from the result of THAT search. ‘le-sigh.

Second, after posing the question to a female friend, it appears that the logistics of the scenario becomes pretty awkward because assistance is going to be required…and no I’m not having said character just cut loose, as tempting from a “get it out of the way” perspective as that might be.

Yep, the things writers get themselves into. gads.