Tarantula roundup 9-9-2015

“This is my water dish. There are many like it…but this one is mine.” -Victory Jr.

So this post will show all of my kids at this particular time. I’m also using this to test the gallery feature of wordpress, and what better way than to show off the menagerie?

At this point we have fifteen in the gang. I am most definitely going to add a few more to the zoo, but unlike the bigger collectors in the hobby, I’m very satisfied with the species variation I have here. There are a couple more arboreals I am interested in for color as well as behavior, and 2-3 more terrestrials for similar reasons. I will most likely top this out at 20 in the collection for awhile. One of the nice features about keeping these animals as pets is that space issues are truly not that big a deal, and as most tarantulas take quite awhile (relatively) to get to full size/mature, there is some nice “lag” between rehousing situations.

Clicking on any picture will bring up the gallery feature:

Virgin Islands Blog Bits 1


The View from my Cabin

May 6th, 2015

So, 38,000 feet up in the air over pure blue ocean. Just passed the bahamas a little while ago. It occurs to me that in all my years of travel (5 years as a field engineer flying every week), AND traveling half way around the world back in the Navy days…I’ve never actually flown over the ocean….well, maybe corners of it…but never OVER it over it.  Kinda’ nifty. (The Navy days were filled with SAILING over the ocean. 😀 )


Over the Bahamas

I’ve been taking pictures like a madman, and although I’ve been up about 18 hours, I’m not tired. I guess I really needed this break. Most of those pics are for me, as views out the cabin window are pretty much done to death. What I have here are some highlight shots of the journey.


The Mississippi River


Ready to roll out of Atlanta

Another thing. Getting out of one’s comfort zone and experiencing things new, strange and unknown is living. I’m out of my comfort zone. I’m flying solo to a place I’ve never been. Doing something I’ve never done before. This is probably just as responsible for my inability to crash out on these plane rides.


Honeymoon Bay/beach from above at Sunset

2. Settling in at my cabin. It pretty much is EXACTLY as I expected, and wanted. –well except the refrigerator isn’t being as “cold” as it should be for the ol’ icemaking purposes, but oh darn.

3. Took a hike down to Honeymoon Beach to grab some food. Dingy’s Bar and Grill is about as stereotypical a Jimmy Buffet hangout as you can get.  Love it. heh.


Bingo on the Beach


Yes, first hours in I got my feets to ze beach!


Me, a local brew and a beach

4. Was so tired from the trip day that when I got back the hill (a steep one at that), I decided to fall down on my bed and get some much needed rest. I will add that the bed is comfortable, the breeze blowing in from the ocean is nice and even though it is 80 degrees and humid as hell, it feels really really really (x 10) good.

I’m writing this last point after getting up before the sunrise. The wifi provided by the campground kinda sucks, so another goal here achieved. I’m really “offline” for the most part other than basics.

5. I will blog the day’s pictures and thoughts at the end of those days, and bounce a post up here.

Some pics

So anyway.   The pics o’ me by the car courtesy of my friend Rob after saving a mutual friend’s bacon by delivering hockey gear in time for the big game!

And here be a few shots I took while shopping my car for leaky tires.  Its really a pretty good facility with a good support crew.  There’ll always be complaints of one type or another, but in my opinion, I could have done worse.

Shout outs to Pat and Tim who work the garage and are always ready to help out with problems.  You guys rule.