Writing update


Writer in editing mode

It has definitely been awhile since I updated the blog on the writing side of things. A few reasons. I really don’t like writing about writing.  I also discovered that I’m not really a fan of reading about writers expounding on writing. Bores me to tears.

When I took the plunge into actually publishing my work, I friended up quite a few authors and independently published writers in the social media world to get their take on things. Educational yep. Exciting and fun to read? Nope. So my blog has evolved to the things I DO find interesting to blabber about, namely my 8-legged cats and other hobbies.

That all said, I haven’t stopped writing, but it has slowed down this last twelve months. You’re probably asking yourself at this point, if this dude hates writing about writing so much, what is this for? The answer is that I have actual readers now who are waiting for the next book(s) in the series that began with “Princess”. Folks wanna’ know where things are at, and a few have asked politely how stuff is going, so here ya go.

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Well it’s not my normal 7 page daily routine…but…

Well it’s not my normal 7 page daily, but to hit five solid pages in one sitting…back in the groove. Oh and for any curious, this hasn’t been “writer’s block”….but call it “structural block” which to me is more infuriating. For awhile I thought I’d written myself off a cliff. Tossed that, and suddenly the mental sun finally came back out. -whew!

So. Anyway. Amazon.

I guess for better or worse, I’d now better kick the writing into high gear.  Of course I may sell nothing, but as I’ve ALREADY sold copies via smashwords, I’d still better kick it in (higher) gear.

I’m on Amazon.  Another goal reached.

Sorta’ shell shocked in a good way.  🙂