A roach in a coach is still…food


Roach coaches. Dubia to the right, lateralis on the left. Top coach is a “nymph house” for smaller lats. Bottom left is the main house where the bigger meals go.

Recent discussions I’ve had over what to feed exotics (specifically in my case, tarantulas) led to this post.


Typical feeder crickets

At first, almost every exotic pet animal owner (keeper) starts out with crickets. They are the ubiquitous “feeder” insect for everything from lizards to some snakes, tarantulas, scorpions and on and on.

[They ARE ubiquitous at this point because vendors were selling and raising them first. Go to any full service pet store/supplier, and you will see boxes of crickets for sale. Many species of exotics will only take crickets for the most part. We won’t even get started on worms/superworms/etc. heh.]

Almost every keeper comes to loathe the little evil bastards at least a little. Many of us more than a little. Crickets are smelly, noisy, short-lived, hoppy, annoying creatures. To top all of that off, they aren’t even the best food for animals that need insects for food.

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Gallery picture test

This post will go away in a few minutes as it self-destructs. Testing the Image gallery settings. 🙂
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Edited. So folks are liking my test post. No more self destruct. I’ll file it under cooking. 😀

Last Bits 12

deli dinner1. The picture to the right is how I do it up with a pastrami sandwich.

a. Toasted buttered Italian bread.

b. Deli Sliced Pastrami and Hot capicola

c. Gulden’s brown mustard

d. shredded deli provolone and Jarlsberg swiss cheese (don’t be stingy here)

e. Hand cut steak fries….deep fried crispy and tossed in a sea salt/cracked pepper and garlic powder mixture.

f. Ketchup for dipping, of course.

g. Complement  this with an IPA or in this case my go-to-standard, Sam Adams Boston lager.

h. I’m stuffed.

2. I’d talk about writing, but I did all of that earlier in the day and posted with the “mid bits”. So yeah. I guess I’ll say that I switched up the schedule and feel like I need to write some more, but am in a food coma at this point.

3. Driving was slow at the start, picked up in the middle and finished with me having to turn a couple rides down. Good night over all.

4. Every single time I hear the phrase “We are a nation of immigrants” I want to throw up in my mouth a little.

We are a nation of CITIZENS. To say otherwise demeans and diminishes us. -off that soapbox.

5. The Metro area caught a break from the non stop snowing over the last week.  It was cold out, but I saw the moon and stars for the first time in about a week.  Was a nice change.

F is for Fish Sauce, Flavour, Phan Thiết and Phú Quốc

Saving this one more or less for me, but it is a fine read for foodies as well. Viva le fish sauce! 🙂

Chris Galvin

nuoc cham and fresh herbs

The Vietnamese alphabet has no letter F. But it does have the letter PH, as in phở, and also Phan Thiết  and Phú Quốc, two places famous for fish sauce. The former is a southeastern coastal city. The latter is both Việt Nam’s biggest island and a district that includes this island and twenty-two smaller ones, tucked under the curve of Cambodia’s coast, in the Gulf of Thailand.

In his book Bút Khảo Về Ăn (Notes on Eating), Dr. Lê Văn Lân relates an old folk tale that he remembers his mother telling him. Here’s my rough translation:

A long time ago, a northern village held a feast-tasting challenge to open the spring celebrations. The banquet table groaned under a spread of the rarest foods of the mountains and seas. Whoever could correctly name the tastiest dish would win. According to tradition, the competitors entered one by one. A single drum…

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