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Writer in editing mode

It has definitely been awhile since I updated the blog on the writing side of things. A few reasons. I really don’t like writing about writing.  I also discovered that I’m not really a fan of reading about writers expounding on writing. Bores me to tears.

When I took the plunge into actually publishing my work, I friended up quite a few authors and independently published writers in the social media world to get their take on things. Educational yep. Exciting and fun to read? Nope. So my blog has evolved to the things I DO find interesting to blabber about, namely my 8-legged cats and other hobbies.

That all said, I haven’t stopped writing, but it has slowed down this last twelve months. You’re probably asking yourself at this point, if this dude hates writing about writing so much, what is this for? The answer is that I have actual readers now who are waiting for the next book(s) in the series that began with “Princess”. Folks wanna’ know where things are at, and a few have asked politely how stuff is going, so here ya go.

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Book #1 is out there! -the Print Post update

Again, I have been remiss in posting to my blog. However, it has been that facebook has been more than adequate for my micro-blogging needs lately.

Secondly it has been due to me burning the midnight oil getting my first published work in proper shape to be print published. That is now accomplished, and I’m proud to say that

After Burning_FULL-Jacket









is now available from Createspace and shortly on Amazon. (3-5 days from this post date.)

It has been a learning experience from one end to the other, and now it is time to focus on the next work.


The E-book is available in several formats from these links:

small version of the book cover jpeg

After the Burning – Princess a novel by C.J. Peter












–be advised that the Smashwords link is still “pending”. This means the book is being reviewed before wider distribution.—



And finally(!) the physical book can be purchased from:


——note: This title WILL be available from Amazon.com and Amazon Europe, but will take up to a week to populate.

I’ll update this post with any changes to the links and such, but for now, it is on to the next title, and I’m BETTING my next blog post will be about Scrivener. 😀


The ‘Proofs’ are in, and I feel fine..except for the sore throat.

2014-07-02 14.58.29

The book proofs came in yesterday. Today I got up, still under the weather from a sore throat/chest cold (gotta’ LOVE summer colds, le’sigh), and looked at my desk. Yep, not a dream,  the hard copy is still sitting there.

The “proof” isn’t the final product…but it’s close. It is the point where the last changes are to be made, the cover art looked at, and where any last minute manuscript flubs or goofs get fixed.  THEN I upload the last changes/fixes and push the “PUBLISH” BUTTON.

The interesting thing that struck me about all this is that I pushed “publish” last year on the e-book version of this work, and while I was jazzed, I guess there really IS something more tangible to seeing the work in the paper format.

The process also forced me to take a long hard look at what I had finished on the e-book side, and then take another pass to clean up stuff that I’d missed in the earlier version.

The wondrous part of all of this is the realization that I COULD. No gatekeeper telling me no.  No legal worries.  The work is mine, and if I feel like making a lil’ nip/n/tuck after the fact, it’s my decision.

At some point down the line, if I’m even a little bit successful financially with this endeavor, I will DEFINITELY hire an editor, as the job of picking nits and polishing the work is REALLY time consuming. Getting it close, no problem, but when one has to self-edit/format/market, etc., one begins to realize just how much work getting the story from inside of the head to the printed page publishing really is.

That said, the first time is also the time of learning.  Of discovery. Of Joy.

Here are some pics of the book, and now ‘scuse me while I go sneeze and take some medicine. 🙂

2014-07-02 14.59.05  2014-07-02 14.59.21  2014-07-01 15.57.42 2014-07-02 14.59.43 2014-07-02 14.53.10 2014-07-02 15.01.10

The print version book cover is done!

After Burning_FULL-Jacket-3

So after an italics goof and subsequent catch by FB buddy and fellow author Kellie after I posted a version of this to facebook, the revised and updated cover is off to Createspace for re-re-re-aproval. Thanks to my friend and outstanding cover art guru-mojo-guy Rob for the cover and subsequent outstanding band-aid fix!
I finally finished and uploaded the updated digital versions as well to Smashwords, and Amazon. That was more futzing about than I’d anticipated, but life tends to be all about the ‘futzing’, so it’s all good…and once the print version goes live, the ebooks will be matched up so purchasing the paper book will get the buyer a deep discount to the ebook version on Amazon.

Now, (knock on wood) I can get back to what I LIKE to do, which is, of course, to stare at walls, bang on the keyboard with my skull, cat vacuum, and try to avoid internet-ey stuff on a daily basis in a joyous attempt to get words and sentences out so I can do this all over again a bit later this year with the next volume in the series.

Of course I’m studiously ignoring the word “marketing” for the moment. I have to, of course…that is the lot of the independent author who takes on all the hats involved in publishing, but right now, at this particular moment in the river of time, I think I’d rather be herding cats…blindfolded. 🙂