Still slogging away pretty much sums it up. Writing is re-writing, so sayeth Stephen King…and while I believe him, right now I think I wouldn’t mind taking this brick of paper and smacking it over his head. But hey! 😀

Let’s see…cat vacuuming activities…BLOGGING!

Oh..definition of Cat vacuuming (n): pointless or otherwise inefficient displacement activity to avoid having to settle down and do some real writing.

Current writers who have my full and undivided attention:

Carrie Vaughn – local writer and friend of a friend (who knew?)  Kitty the werewolf Denver DJ = win.  🙂

Jim Butcher – not a local writer nor a friend of a friend, but Harry Dresden…what an awesomesauce series!

Movies: nothing on the plate right now.  Busy with the written word lately, as well as nothing grabbing me in the “gotta go see it” category.

Castle got renewed for a third season.  -me smiling.

Now back to the Dresden Files and my favorite overworked wizard detective!  😀

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