So there I was tooling over to pick up one of my regulars over by 80th and Federal, when at the light at 80th and Lowell an idiot in an SUV comes screaming up, tries to make the turn south and ends up missing said turn and after smashing through a fence, nearly smacks a house.  He grinds through the bushes and tears up his vehicle…right in front of me.  Then he tries to get away.  I turn around, follow the guy to get his plates while calling it in to 911.  The guy then sees that the Metro taxi is following him and decides to play “Mr. Daredevil Gone in 60 Seconds Guy”…with a broken axle.

I tool along behind the brain surgeon until…HE PULLS INTO HIS OWN DRIVEWAY.  I sit there talking with the 911 operator, my car angled to get the best view…and he gets out and stumbles into his house.  I wait for the cops to arrive, leave them my info letting em’ know I have a beautiful customer who will be stranded.  So I blaze off.  (D-girl, you rule for being patient waiting for me.   🙂   )

So I get my customer safely home, and then return to see if the police need any more info…and THIS is what I see:

Apparently, all hell broke loose after I left.  I ended up filing a full incident report, then had to identify the driver (which I did), and then show the officers where the actual wreck occurred.

The officers were sorta’ in awe that I did what I did.  One of em’ said, “Most people just blow this stuff off.  Thank you.”  Made me feel good for being there, but irritated that most people can’t be bothered.

But mostly I was  just glad it was at the end of the driving shift. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Sometimes my job is “Cops” exciting

  1. Good on ya for taking the time to be a responsible citizen especially while working and potentially losing money to take the time to do this. I used to live in Phoenix and without fail every weekend as we were making our way back from our night out, some car would hit another car at a light. And every time he’d take off and the guy he’d hit would chase after him. We would usually call 911, but to be honest it didn’t really seem like the cops were particularly interested. We eventually gave up on calling.

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