A response to George R. R. Martin from the author who started Sad Puppies | Monster Hunter Nation.

…AND an excellent response to this whole Sad Puppies Hugo Award mess from the guy who started the whole ball rolling. As a mostly libertarian (objectivist) type person, you probably can guess which side I’m on. I still think the awards are buggered up…but not BECAUSE of the Sad Puppy movement, rather they have been a mess for quite a long time, for reasons that the blog post author enumerates far more eloquently than I could have done (or would want to).

Also, GRRM is a god in my eyes as far as writing goes, but I have never thought 2cents about the guy’s politics…and actually told him that in a response to a post he made several years ago…the comment of which he deleted.  😀

The Hugo awards shouldn’t BE about politics, or which way a writer puts on his/her pants/dress or votes, or believes in Xenu or not or golden tablets or Vishnu…it SHOULD be about the writing and the stories…and sadly it hasn’t been THAT for ages.

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