First off, I’m a vet. I enlisted in the US Navy in 1979, and served honorably until 1986.

This is the day to remember those who fell in service to our country.

On this day,  I see this: “they died so you can be free“(tm)…repeated ad nauseam.  If we are remembering 1776, 1861 and 1941, then that is more or less true.

AFTER THAT, they died supporting political causes by suited men in halls far from the blood and guts and bullets to assert political agendas.

The threats, directly, to our nation? That was the cold war, and if we are to remember the fallen, they would be our foreign service agents who are not remembered…by anyone.

Instead, remember those whose lives were cut short, not defending America, but sent to their bitter ends by evil men furthering their own power while reducing this country’s freedom.

Mourn the lives cut short.

Don’t confuse remembering fallen heroes with patriotism or DEFENDING OUR FREEDOM(tm). This nation hasn’t the first clue about that anymore, hasn’t for a very long time, and THAT realization makes this day a very sad one for me.

The picture in this post infuriates me.  A life cut short for what? A son/daughter left alone without a Father, a wife without her Beloved, Parents outliving their children…for what?

It is a helpless fury, as there is almost zero I can do to change anything.

But, hey….”happy memorial day!(tm)”

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