Angels on parade


So I’m using the classic WordPress editor…

…inside of the Gutenberg editor via the tinyMCE Advanced plugin. What could possibly go wrong? Pretty much the best/worst of both worlds? (All things being relative, of course). The new editor isn’t horrible in the concept…just buggy and a wildly different workflow. After all these years  this is like being tossed into the deep end of the pool and told, “Learn to swim now, kid!” 😀 


And buggy. I think I mentioned that already <heh>, but after going through some site cleanup, I’m noticing some serious “gumph” from the new editor that is more than user error.

I may just disable and go pure classic for the time being. It isn’t like I’m posting a ton-a-day anyway.

A cool picture just because..

Testing out a few items/widgets to ensure functionality…such as this one:

In other news, my tarantulas are eating, and being good little pet rocks. Nothing new to report on that front. All of the “hobby” stuff is happening on the aquarium side of things. I’ll probably do a few more updates beyond the “build-a-tank” post I put up.

29 gallon planted community tank. Very happy with the growth in this one.

The actual writing is starting to happen again here on the blog and the real stuff. I’ve been really off of my game the last several months. Tearing a rotator cuff made just typing a nightmare for a while,  and now that things are finally healing up, I’m out of practice as it were.  More blog stuff and working on a couple side projects to get the juices flowing, but yeah. Unlike my teens/twenties, I just can’t turn the switch on as fast. Getting older doth sucketh at times. 😆

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