1. Up far too early, but sometimes you wake up and that is simply “it” for the sleep cycle. Betting I’m going to be napping at some point later.

2. Coffee is pretty much the greatest discovery in the history of the universe.

3. A man I met died yesterday. The internet has been full to the brim with memorial thoughts and articles, so I’m going to just say that a man that I met…on the USS Enterprise (CVN65) in 1982…passed away, and I feel as if I lost a distant relative.

RIP Leonard Nimoy.

4. Bear McCreary is one of the best soundtrack composers I’ve ever listened to.  Currently rolling with his Battlestar Galactica soundtracks as the musical muse for writing the last couple days.

5. Adding new tools to my Scrivener “toolbox”. Playing with metadata, outlining modes, project/document notes and highlighting options, as there are bits n’ bobs that I’m really wanting to keep track of, but haven’t been completely sure how to go about it.

To say that this application is “deep” is like mentioning that the ocean is slightly wet. 🙂

6. Random observations while cat vacuuming:

a. Twitter scrolls too fast to be anything other than a point of reference for the current minute you are passing through.

b. Facebook is the most repetitious pile of useless crap ever…but it doesn’t scroll as fast. Sometimes slower isn’t better.

c. Google+ is a tech/nerd wet dream of social media. It also doesn’t scroll as fast, but I’d say about 60% of my feed’s content there is 100% cat vacuuming material. I have to keep the hell away from it when in writing breaks, because it can be a loooong stretch before coming up for air.

d. Thirdscribe (the author/reader platform that I forward posts to from here) is getting better. I still think it is still pretty “beta” in a  lot respects, but the tool set is nice, and the newest ‘beta’ of adding stories is pretty sweet. It uses wordpress as its engine, which is a bonus, as I don’t have to learn yet another blogging platform in order to deal with it. Yet more distractions.

7. Back to staring at my manuscript a bit. Actually I’ll be pressing keys and such as well, but when trying to determine the flow of a scene, ‘staring’ happens far more frequently than anyone would like to admit. At least there is no beating of one’s head against the wall going on. –knocking on wood. 🙂

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