Not as fast as all that. 😀

So. I haven’t posted in a bit. Actually not all that much worth posting. It seems I’ve hit a lull with crazy cab rides, but not crying about that.

The silence of the feedback doth concern me a bit with my novel, but…one person has come back and told me that it was ‘awesome’ and gave me some valuable 3rd person editing eyes to fix some typo’s and such, so thats all good.

Next up for the novel is to put together some query letters and start hitting up agents. VE VILL SEE!

I’m also banging on the outline for book two in the series and shaping that up. Should start actually writing again in a week or so, but I learned my lesson regarding my writing style and outlines a few years ago. The very reason the first book is DONE is due to forcing myself to stay with a fairly rigid outline. A few years back I started on a grand sci-fi magnum opus and after three hundred plus pages, I discovered, much to my dismay, that I had (as some authors call it) “written myself off a cliff” by taking the story in a direction that dead ended.
Mega-uber-yuck to that. (And until you’ve written 3-400 pages of material only to discover that it was a complete waste of time, you cannot possibly know just HOW yuck that was.)

Let’s see, what other wonderment is going on lately, hmmm…

In the taxi. I’ve gotten some more regular customers, which is getting me close to having to schedule rides on the weekends. This is a goooooooood thing.

I’ve had a few nutjobs over the last couple months, but nothing uber memorable or worth jotting down. My prior entries about taxi customers are still the winners.

Once I get a smartphone next month, I think I’m going to start tweeting the way my favorite Las Vegas Cabbie LV Cabbie Chronicles does. His on the spot tweets are hilarious and sometimes spookily similar to my evening in the car…well except for the ‘door guys’ at the casinos. My door guys are awesome and usually call me direct.

So file this post under “my stuff” and keep it safe out there!

Rollin on.

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