Denver nights 2

1.  One excellent Saturday night driving in the books. I clocked 175 miles from start to stop with 4 long LONG runs in the mix.

1b.  It was 54 degrees out when I parked it at 3:30am. I didn’t even wear a light jacket tonight. If this be global warming….bring it on.   🙂

(Temp is Fahrenheit… 12C for my out of the US loyal readers.)

2.  At long last I finally purchased a new office chair. Normally I wouldn’t consider this a big deal, but in my search for a replacement for my currently mangled-decrepit-been-through-the-mill-sitting-steed-of-awesomeness, I’ve discovered a few irritating things.

a.  Nobody stocks decent stuff. They all want you to order it online. (Looking at you Bestbuy, Officemax, Walmart, Target, etc., etc.)

b.  Actual furniture stores want a down payment on your beach resort in Tahiti, and an indentured servitude contract on your offspring.

c.  Amazon carries every damn thing in the known universe…and their prices are outstanding.

So here she be. Two day free shipping and 100% return-ability if anything is wrong, plus a year warranty:

my new chair

My butt, my back and my wrists are thanking me already.  😀

3.  Now to go find some good booze to mix into an excellent cocktail, unwind my day and fall into bed.

Be safe out there and have a great rest of the weekend!

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