1. Life is precarious. It is also precious. We’re only here for an eye-blink and it can end at any time. The picture below hammered that home to me, again. We only get one go-round here…make it count.

taiwan crash 2-3-14

This happened yesterday in Taiwan. The pictures you see are actually snips from video shot from a car that was approaching when the plane lost control. At last check, there were survivors. They really KNOW what I’m talking about.

2. Another yep! to the latest Agent Carter episode. This is an eight episode arc, and it is ramping up nicely. Also awesome to see a few of the Howling Commandos back in action.  🙂

3. A lot of writers have “First Readers”. These are the people that are very close to the writer in one way or another, be it a relationship of some kind, or just kindred spirits when it comes to reading.  Mine is of the latter category, and she was THE first person to read my book when it was barely out of the 2nd draft.

Earlier this evening, I brought her a signed copy of the finished product. She wasn’t expecting me, or it. There are times in life when things are just “awesome”. Seeing her expression when I handed it to her was one of those times.

Not only did her joy at receiving the gift lift my spirits, but knowing that someone thinks enough of my work to react that way…well, yeah. “Special” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

4. Writing progresses. Working on a pivotal bit and taking longer to get the words in the right places. Sometimes the word count means FAR less than the RIGHT words.  Happy with things as they go.

5. My blog now has a proper domain name. If you’re hunting about, http://cjpeter.com will get you here.  Easier than the mouthful from before. Don’t click that link…its is circular.  heh. This blog also forwards to my site over on Thirdscribe  which is a place specifically for writers and readers. Some good stuff there, I recommend it.

6. Started with a terrifying picture. For balance, let me toss out something less so.

beauty in the sun

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