Agent Carter 1

1. Marvel’s Agent Carter is pretty much my favorite thing on the tube right now.  Is it perfect? Nope. Does it scratch an itch? Yep x 10. Her story intrigues me more than the superhero stuff. The most heartbreaking thing to me was Carter at the end of the first Captain America film talking to her guy on the radio…knowing he’s gonna crash.

And then at the end of her life being visited by a young Steve Rogers in “The Winter Soldier” just ripped at me. That scene stays in my mind even now.
To see her in the TV series just makes me smile to think about it. That and Hayley Atwell in Agent Carter dress and makeup is probably the prettiest vision of “Woman” I’ve ever seen in my life.

2. Switching gears…to this:

snowy night driving

Kinda’ says it all about my night driving people around. Denver’s forecasters completely totally 1000% boogered that one up.  “Scattered flurries” my butt. It was near blizzard conditions all over town for almost three hours and even as it began to let up, the snow was so wet that the roads, including the highways, were slicker than snot.

I pride myself as an excellent driver, and a really good snow driver, and even I got sideways on I-270 at one point.  I recovered nicely and kept on rolling…betting the guy behind me had a soiled seat, but hey. 😀

2. First time in quite awhile I NEEDED booze after work.  Usually I find a nice cocktail a good ‘unwind’, but not a “necessary” component to my life.  I’m on my second one now…and it WAS necessary.

3. More driving related stuff.

Tonight, on my first run, taking a good friend of mine to her work as a bartender, I completely spaced her out of my world, missing her conversation completely.
I was so into the a scene I had been writing before getting in the car that my mind hadn’t fully switched gears into “driving guy mode”.  Fortunately, I did say “FRIEND”. I apologized for the woolgathering. She laughed. whew. 🙂

3b. At the end of the night I’m frazzled and frantic, and an hour after the ride is done…I can’t get OUT of driving mode.  Thus point 2’s mention of needing booze. heh.

Be safe, and for those of you in Denver…BE SAFE! 🙂

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