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1.  Driving was good for a Tuesday. Not many rides, but the ones I had were longer, and thus profitable. I’ll take it.

2.  Writing…Is happening once I put this last bits to bed. Had other things going on earlier, so will tackle the work in a few.

2a.  When I’m working on a book, the rule is simple: SOMETHING everyday. It doesn’t matter whether it is just a sentence…or a 10k outline extravaganza, or a 15k barrage on the manuscript….it HAS to happen every…single…day…except one. I always take one day away to just veg, read, goof off, movie/tv series-athons and not work.

While some writers do the every-day-no-day-off thing, I have found that one day away, on purpose, charges my batteries for the project at hand.

3.  Why do I blog? I have asked myself that before, and have seen some stuff crossing my social network feeds lately expounding upon the whichness of the wherefores regarding writerly blogging/marketing hoohaah.

My answer is twofold. I have always enjoyed the idea of a journal. Secondly as an indie author, a blog is a way to get myself and my product “out there”. There are several ways to do this, all equally valid. The first part I always shoved off in a procrastinating manner as it wasn’t as necessary to the day-to-day of my life. The addition of really pushing to become a successful writer put the focus back on actually DOING a journal of some kind. A public journal allows me to take care of two tasks at once. Because of the public nature of the things, it forces me to be somewhat creative, and hopefully entertain the passersby who wander ’round these parts looking for something to chew on for a few.

3A.  Blogging also expands my writer’s toolkit. It forces me to look at things in a different light, and be entertaining about it.

I do not always succeed, as this particular entry is more me doing an fyi piece, but hey, it IS my blog, I’ll be boring if I wanna!  😀

4.  I am NOT a professional blogger, i.e., one who blogs exclusively. This is secondary to my passion. That passion is building worlds and telling really interesting/cool stories. This is also why I won’t have something to stuff in here every single day…unless I find it amusing, interesting, or at least mildly informative.

5.  I hope all of you passing by this day have a good one, and I’ll cya’ around the ‘sphere!

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