Your's Truly!
Your’s Truly on ORBIT COMPLETE! day.  🙂

1. Another orbit of the sun in the books. Time flies..sometimes. I’ll explain shortly. As it is, the birthday was a good one as far as things go in my lil’ world. I’m NOT a big “BIRTHDAY” person. To me, every day that I get up and am still breathing and able to do what I want to do is a win. So for me each day is kind of a birthday as 365 days ago, I was one year younger.  🙂

2. I’ve noticed over the last few years as I have taken control of my life that time does NOT fly. It flew when I was in the “9-5 GOTTA RUSH RUSH RUSH DO THE JOB HURRY ABOUT SWEAT EVERYTHING” mode that most people are in. Those years flashed by like a shot out of a cannon.

Oh to know then what I know now.

Once I decided to work for ME, and pursue the goals that interest ME instead of the inane bullshit that we are supposed to take as “normal”, time started to slow down. Not in a bad way, rather I actually feel like I’ve accomplished things and made a mark. Each day, while similar, is a joy to be in, rather than a drudge, and I no longer have issues with just getting up to start my day. (Coffee, of course, heh.)

Time flows, but it doesn’t feel as ephemeral any longer.


IMG_20150616_040219763_HDR3. The writing is moving along. Chapters are getting done, and the story is unfolding. A couple of times in the last few weeks I’ve even “fallen through the page” while pounding the keys. Writers know what this is, but for you that read my meanderings here that aren’t writers, lemme ‘splain….no…it’s too long….lemme sum-up. (heh.)

Writing, like anything else, takes work. It takes discipline, and it takes mental blood, sweat and tears at times. The term “cat-vacuuming” probably became a term because some writer thought it up for all of the excuses to NOT WRITE that seemed plausible at the time.

BUT, sometimes it isn’t work. Some may disagree with this, but I’ll just laugh and move on…sometimes the writer isn’t pounding the keys. Sometimes the writer is witnessing events and hearing people speak. Sometimes the writer has “fallen through the page” into that alternate universe where the story is taking place, and is transcribing things as fast as the keys or pen will allow.

This is the crack-cocaine of the craft. It hooks the writer to do this crazy solitary struggle…usually for the rest of his/her life. I got my first brain full of this drug when I was eleven.  😀

4. Now back to it!

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