ex machina mad max: fury road

1. My pick for the best two movies this year. Ex Machina is hypnotic and thought provoking. Mad Max is an insane thrill ride with an outstanding story gluing the mayhem together. I saw Age of Ultron after watching Mad Max: Fury Road and it looked and felt flat, like an opened day old can of coke.

1b. Personally I’d put Mad Max: Fury Road in the top movies this decade. It flat out melted my face off. đŸ˜€

2. Getting back in the swing of things driving-wise. I have some awesome customers, and their loyalty and patronage makes me smile.

3. I’m finally getting over the post-vacation let down. I will go back there. One of the best times of my life.

4. Writing has suffered…admittedly…but I’m still plugging away. Getting back in the zone with that as well. I THOUGHT the vacation would allow some good writing time, but I discovered that I needed a REAL vacation from my routine. So I swam with turtles, drank copious amounts of rum, made some great new friends and did a large amount of nothing for a week. I needed that.

5. Later today is car maintenance day. Probably going to end up spending a good chunk of the day at the mechanic’s getting stuff replaced. Normal wear and tear stuff…brakes, cv joints and possibly a new timing belt/water pump…not cheap, but in my line of work, if you don’t take care of such things, you don’t have a line of work. heh.

6. Off to dream of Furiosa. đŸ™‚

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  1. You know, I was surprised at how much I really enjoyed this movie. The first three Mad Max movies were OK with me. I liked them (the 3rd one, not as much), but never enough to want to watch again. Fury Road was surprisingly good for basically being one long chase scene. And the Heavy Metal Dude with the flamethrower guitar was awesome.

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