Digital_Globe_2_590_3001. It is amazing to me how interconnected we all are anymore. People all over the world can gripe and complain to everyone on the planet. Political shenanigans, Economic shenanigans, Power grid problems, Bully problems, Kanye problems (snicker), and cat pictures. Never forget those.

1b. BUT, just like the olden-golden-days-of-yore (before the Internet), stuff that really TRULY matters…the BIG stuff…people ignore. The cynic in me nods, thinking that people really truly never change all that much. I wonder if any of my ancestors in Roman times had similar thoughts. (Although adopted, I know my racial background pretty well, and it would be a safe bet that there was a ‘Caseyus’ wandering around back then. -heh.)

2. Nice down-time night. I usually take either Monday or Tuesday off…but yesterday I had some long runs pre-booked, so tonight was goof-off time.

3. Two weeks until I’m literally on a beach in the Caribbean. I have surprised myself at how twisted and fixated on this I have become…to the point of impacting my writing and NOT focusing on stuff that needs to get done in the ‘day-to-day’. This alone tells me that a vacation is so overdue that it isn’t funny.

4. Writing hath suffered a bit.  I’m still putting words on the page, but not nearly as many as I’d like the last few days. No writer’s block though. My mind continues to wander to warm tropical mental pictures and it kinda’ futzes with the world I’m trying to write about, as it isn’t anything at all like that.

5. I love vivid dreams. Love em’. Even if they fall into the category of “nightmare”. There is something just awesome about the process, and as far back as I can remember, when I have a vivid dream, I’m very aware of the situation early on, and in that manner, even nightmares aren’t as bad, as I have a bit of control over what goes on. Had a few of em’ lately, and I’m guessing this involves point #3. heh.

lucid dreaming

6.  Out of all the movie trailers I’ve watched for the summer crop of popcorn-fun, Mad Max and Star Wars jazz me the most. I’m completely surprised by the Star Wars trailer as my cynical self has three horrible experiences with the “prequels—may they rot in the SPECIAL LEVEL OF HELL”.

This new clip LOOKS like Star Wars, and to see Han and Chewie at the end….yeah, I’m crossing my fingers that J.J. Abrams doesn’t frack it up like he did with the Star Trek reboot. (Yes, I’m one of those who hated that buggered up mess.)

6b. Avengers and Jurassic Park looks good as well…should be one of those “fun” movie summers. 🙂

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