The battle for Shantai1. This picture is at last FIRMLY(!) in the outline of After the Burning: Outlaw, and not just in a vague one sentence note jotted down as: “sea battle goes here” as it has been until recently. It isn’t even the climax of the book…gods I LOVE writing. No film budgets to sweat. heh heh.  While the ships in “After the Burning” don’t look like these specifically, the spirit of this picture nails what is coming.

While I love writing just about every facet of this story, I am SERIOUSLY looking forward to writing this section of the narrative.  (I could be freakin’ nuts as well, but hey. heh.)

1b. Milestone writing goal just achieved. 50,000+ words in the 1st draft ‘can’ at this point.  I’m still looking at between 150k to 200k more before typing ‘the end’, but things are rolling along.

2. Good start to the driving week. Not so much for the club scene, but I have had a lot of work calls, which makes things a little more steady on slower nights.

3. One of my dancer customers was griping last night about the weather as it seriously impacted bar traffic all over the place, and I realized that she was spot on:

“It is damned odd, ya know? When it blizzards, people come crawling out from all over like it’s a challenge or something, but a little rain and they all run and hide.”  –Yep, Lucky, you are 100% right on that one, girl. 🙂

4. Counting down the days to Caribbean Dreaming. Yep. Yep. Yep.  😀

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