1. Short n’ sweet. Weekend driving has been a bit of a chore…instead of some sinus issues, I have come down with a full blown head cold. Fun fun fun.  While it isn’t earth shattering, it has definitely been one of those “if i were only working for someone else I’d call in sick…but I can’t because I work for me and my customers” kinda’ deals.  🙁

2. Writing has been coming along as I’ve mentioned in other posts below. This cold has futzed with the word count a little bit as I’ve spent a bit too much time staring at a wall thinking of ways to drain the swimming pool behind my eyeballs, but hey. Heh.

3. Have a happy Easter, whatever your religious or non-religious preferences may be!  🙂

4. Gonna leave this with a little photo montage of some NASA ISS pictures that were taken the other day of a big typhoon in the Pacific. (International Space Station for you completely non-geek types.  😀 )

Left to right…top to bottom. If you have a chance, click on them for the full rez. It is magnificent and terrifying all at the same time.

#1 ISS 3-31-15#2 ISS 3-31-15

#3 ISS 3-31-15 #4 ISS 3-31-15

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