1. Writers, by the very nature of what we do….are boring creatures. I do not mean that we BORE people…far from it. I mean that we don’t “do” a lot of exciting stuff. (Unless the name is Ernest Hemingway, and I bet that when he was writing, he wasn’t Mr. Thrillsville-guy either.)

We sit in front of a keyboard/monitor/pen/paper and we put one word after the other in place in order to NOT BORE people.

1b. I write that because when coming up with blog stuff, it occurred to me that if I just mentioned my normal routine…I’d be bored.  😀 So with that, on to point two!  heh heh.

2. Slow driving night tonight. NOT COMPLAINING. Tuesday evenings are supposed to be slow.

3. Writing going well.  Just passed 42,000 words in the current manuscript.  Only about a 150,000’ish of the lil’ buggers left to go.


4. Gripe Mode On— Sometimes I see writers saying “marketing” things as if they have CHANGED THE UNIVERSE!(tm). This annoys me. They have not. They may have figured out a way to put grease on the wheel in a new and fascinating manner, but they are, in point of fact, still publishing books, and people are/are not still reading them. —Gripe Mode Off.

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