1. Harrison Ford is not dead. Or in critical condition. Or all that bad off. I freakin’ hate the media sometimes.

2. Hillary Clinton is the same person from all those years ago. This isn’t a compliment.

3. Last night I got to meet a real life porn star in the course of my duties getting a customer picked up from a strip bar. My customer was gathering his stuff together and said PORN STAR(tm) was hanging out by the bar at the front after her sets for the night. (My customer is a V.I.P. there and this was after hours.) We chit chatted a few minutes, and she blurts out that she loves my glasses. I didn’t know how to respond to that. So I let her know I love em’ too. Yep she was pretty distracting. The fishnet outfit didn’t help much.
My driving glasses (for mild near sightedness), have an anti-glare coat which people often mistake for sunglasses. I guess that drives PORN STARS(tm) wild.  Who knew?  heh.richelle ryan

3b. Her fishnet outfit didn’t leave any room to mistake…anything.  😀

—my job so does not suck sometimes ->>

4. Writing going on apace. (I love that word “apace”. Sounds all writerly.)

4b. I’ve been tracking starts/n/stops on this project which I’ve nicknamed “Outlaw”. I’m guessing that I’ve tossed 65,000 words into the pile…and shredded about 40k of em. Now that I’m happy with the outline and where things are going, I’ll be crossing 40k of “actual work” in the next day or so. The outline is over 15k long now.

4c. Those numbers mean that if I (knock on wood here) stay on track with my daily totals, I should have the first draft complete in about three months.  Why so long some of you will ask?  210,000 words projected would be why.

Yep, I’m a doorstopper type guy. 😀

4c. I’m of the James Cameron school of writing. His screenplays read almost like a story rather than a script. My outlines are not quite that involved, but I really like to lay out the scenes so I don’t space stuff out later on.

4d. “Outlaw” will almost certainly be the title for After the Burning – Book 2 (barring other cool titles popping up) .

5. My schedule has evolved again as it does every once in awhile. I have been staying up later in the actual morning and getting up later. So time to hop off this distracting tool of writing fun, and get back to the subject of Point 4.

6. Have a great weekend all you non service industry types…and all you on the service side…may your customers be awesome and their tipping awesome—er.

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