deli dinner1. The picture to the right is how I do it up with a pastrami sandwich.

a. Toasted buttered Italian bread.

b. Deli Sliced Pastrami and Hot capicola

c. Gulden’s brown mustard

d. shredded deli provolone and Jarlsberg swiss cheese (don’t be stingy here)

e. Hand cut steak fries….deep fried crispy and tossed in a sea salt/cracked pepper and garlic powder mixture.

f. Ketchup for dipping, of course.

g. Complement  this with an IPA or in this case my go-to-standard, Sam Adams Boston lager.

h. I’m stuffed.

2. I’d talk about writing, but I did all of that earlier in the day and posted with the “mid bits”. So yeah. I guess I’ll say that I switched up the schedule and feel like I need to write some more, but am in a food coma at this point.

3. Driving was slow at the start, picked up in the middle and finished with me having to turn a couple rides down. Good night over all.

4. Every single time I hear the phrase “We are a nation of immigrants” I want to throw up in my mouth a little.

We are a nation of CITIZENS. To say otherwise demeans and diminishes us. -off that soapbox.

5. The Metro area caught a break from the non stop snowing over the last week.  It was cold out, but I saw the moon and stars for the first time in about a week.  Was a nice change.

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    1. Yeah…as a part of upgrading my wordpress to ‘paid’ the domain came as a part o’ the deal. I WAS going with thirdscribe…and still might eventually, but I really like how things are set up over here…plus I have a nice following that I’m not willing to toss.

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