South Amnikan City
A City in the Southron Wastes – After the Burning

1. Computer upgrading/tweaking completed. For now. Muhahaha!

2. Messed up weather weekend, and I still did fairly well. Great customers and patience, as driving around in this snowy crap was not my idea of a grand ol’ time.

3. Writing took a back burner to all the tech stuff the last few days. I DID do some outlining and wrote a little, but most of my focus was on not fuxoring up the computer system upgrade. It was needed. Getting back in the groove now.

4. A non-regular customer calls out of the blue needing a booze run. Turns out the person needs me to do the alcohol shopping because they just got out of the hospital for a seizure that put them in a coma for over a week. So not even ambulatory yet, they’re gonna pound down a case of cheap beer…and cigarettes. I’m not one to judge….in a free society I believe that one is allowed to “pick their poison”…but I’m still shaking my head a bit over that one. I should file that under “bought the Darwin Award lotto ticket”.

5. Finishing off the blog entry and then off to get some more writing done before bed. I keep chippin’ away. 🙂

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