end of day 1(Facebook users, this is where the Last Bits are happening from now on. You lazy no-click away types can just suffer. -heh)

1. Blogging is fun. Until it ain’t. Usually that means I’m trying to figure out some weird sharing issue or glitch causing something to futz up…such as reblogging from a different bit of software.

2. Moooar blogging stuff. I’m staying on WordPress for now, and using a tool to forward to my site over on Thirdscribe.

3. I’m really REALLY REALLY happy with the revamp of my Blog site here. It has the right amount of “bling”, but still easy to read and navigate.  I’m a geek, so yeah.

4. Pretty fun evening on the driving side of things. Not too busy, but good customers and longer rides make “not so busy” a moot point.

5. Pounding away on the keyboard has been productive. The 2nd volume of After the Burning is coming along. I generally don’t do “word counts”. My goal is to nod my head at the end of the session, and know that I did what I needed to do.  Some days are better than others. The last week has been better.

6. I’m going to have to get a new office chair. My old faithful is finally dying faster than I can jury rig it. The piston is out, the arms are worn through, it’s starting to wobble a bit, and adjusting pillows to get the right height for wordsmithing is getting to the “ludicrous zone”. It’s time.

7. These “Last Bits” postings will have an occasional companion called “Mid Bits”…for obvious non going to bed yet reasons. 🙂

8. All you daypire types have a great Saturday!

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