So been busy with the writing and the driving. These two items slow my posts down here a bit.

Tired and ready for bed, but still jazzed off of my butt. Two things happened at the San Diego Comic-Con yesterday,

and so I’m just going to post em’ here and be done.

First up, Ash is coming to kick ass with his BOOMSTICK, and this is…GROOVY!

Just remember to shop smart…shop S-MART!

And then this. I’ll just copy and paste my thoughts from my facebook page:

Okay, my doubts are receding. My memories of just how badly the last three were done are fading. This was shown yesterday at comic-con in San Diego, and yeah, there is a feeling about this that shows on people’s faces in the cast and the crew that makes me want to believe. There is awe and a kind of joy that you just don’t see that much with these things.

Watch this, and if you don’t feel like a little kid by the end of it, well, it ain’t for you.

As for me, I can hope. My 14 year old self (the one who waited in a 2 block long line to see the first one of these oh so long ago) is now looking at the calendar.

I hope all of you readers out there are having a great weekend…or at least a profitable one! 🙂

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