Christina in red 1913I was looking at some pictures on the ol’ interwebs between rides tonight, and this one struck me hard. If you had no frame of reference, this picture could have been shot yesterday, right?

Well, nope. These were taken in 1913…ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO. Christina in red-2

We exist in the merest blink of an eye, here and then gone.

Revel in your time, for it is short. To not live one’s life to the fullest is about the dumbest, saddest thing a person can possible do to themselves.

There are more shots of this beautiful young woman here:


One thought on “In the blink of the eye

  1. For anyone wondering, these pictures AREN’T colored after the fact. They were shot using a plate technique called “Autochrome”, one of the first colour photo technologies, which used glass plates coated in potato starches to filter pictures with dye.

    Just think. In a hundred years all of the pictures which were spammed up to the various places like instagram and pinterest will be looked at by our descendants in much the same way. It is a strange, eerie and yet awesome thought train.

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